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Mike Cobb Copywriter and journalist

HI, I'm Mike Cobb, copywriter. But you probably guessed that by all the logos and headlines with my name on them.

I'm a copywriter because I love writing, and when you love your job you do a good job. Which is why you're here. You want the best copywriter for your business, one who will give you a voice and increase your revenue. The best copywriter for you then, is me.

Don't take my word for it. I have 20 years experience working in and around the finance industry. Starting my career in banking before ending up writing about the industry as a journalist. I have worked with the government as an analyst looking at risk and security around the world and even ghost written a novel or two.

I'm not your typical copywriter, and you don't want typical, you want a unique copywriter who will help you sound like the expert you are.

I will use my background and skills to give you the best service. The service you deserve.

Why me?

A history of finance:

Liffe Floor London - former workplace of Mike Cobb Copywriter

How many finance copywriters who were a former salesman and trader of derivatives with Barclays Capital? Plus a journalist who covered real estate finance, government bonds and leasing? I understand finance, the clients you are trying to attract and what makes them click on copy and keep on reading.

Writing with style:

TinTin boy reporter in spotlight by Herge. Mike Cobb Copywriter

I'm a journalist pulished in the New Statesman, Estates Gazette and Debtwire. I've also written white papers for the UK government and ghost written a novel or two. So, I deliver in a style and tone unique to you.

A world view:

City of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Former workplace of Mike Cobb Copywriter

If you are looking for a copywriter who knows how to analyse the motivations and intentions of your clients, then why not choose one who has been trained by the UK government to do just that. They do a good job, and so do I. I can also bore you about Bosnia and other more exotic places while we chat.

Mike Cobb Copywriter

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