Mike Cobb, Copywriter

Keep it Simple...

Why use a copywriter?

Words do more to sell you and your services than anything else. Getting the right words is no easy task though, you can't just type and hope you've hit the mark.

As a copywriter I know the right words to use, the way to use them and how to lead the client to use you and keep coming back for more.

Whatever your industry I can provide what you need to become more successful, just by improving the words that describe you and your services.

My time is your time and it's your time to get in touch to improve your business.


Good copywriting is the art of answering customer's questions before they ask. These are some of the services you may need.


Punchy, informative and focused text for your marketing materials and Ads. Convince clients you know what they want and how to deliver it.


Bring the right audience to your sites and social media and keep them there with dynamic, targeted copy that sells your skills and services.


Striking, original copy, whoever the author. We'll work together to set the character for your brand and a guide for how to keep it.


Consumers want to feel like people, not sales targets. Make them feel valued and they will use you, not your competitors.


Page turning product, literally. Everything from flyers to books to keep you in the customer's minds and get them thinking.

Content Writing

Content strategy has identified the outlets for your expertise, I can write the words that carry that knowledge to new audiences


You're clearly an expert but don't have the time to tell everyone. I can write the articles you don't have the time to write, establishing your status as the best at what you do.


Blogs, company newsletters, the monthly column. So many ways to get your opinion out there and not enough time to do them properly. Use a content writer. Use me


The photos are glossy all printed on the finest paper. The words also have to show you and your products in the best light. I can write the words that make them shine


How many bad instruction manuals have you used? So it pays to get it right, first time. I write simple, clear text that keeps your product or training working over the long term.

How Does It Work?

1. Get in Touch

The first step to finding the right copy for you is to get in touch. You can contact me by clicking on the button.

2. Talk to me

Tell me about your business, your ambitions, competitors and the reasons you need a writer. We can discuss the project in detail, such as the goals for the project, the platforms you want to be seen on and when you need the work delivered. I can give you a rough quote for delivery time and cost at this point.

3. Quote

Once We've talked about what you need, I will estimate how much extra research is needed and how long it will take to deliver the project. If you're happy with this quote I'll ask for a 50% deposit at this stage. If you agree, then we can move onto the delivery of your project.

4. Research

What do I mean by research? I'll look at your competitors and audience, looking for what will make you sound unique and compelling. I will use this to give your copy the right voice and more importantly, attract potential customers.

5. Writing

The part where you begin to see tangible results. I will deliver an editable first draft within the agreed timelines. With larger projects I can send you paragraphs as the project continues.

This is your chance to give me feedback and ask for revisions, my quote will factor in the time for two revisions. If you're not happy 100% with what your copy is saying about your business, then I'm not happy either. So let's get it right together.

Then it's a final proof read and tidy up, including any editing within the site if needed to ensure it looks good.

6. The Bill

When we've finished it's time for the bill. I'll send you an invoice for the remaining 50% of the agreed fee. I imagine you'll be rushing to pay, but payment is due within 15 days.

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