Media Training

Professional sportsmen train everyday to do their job better and beat the competition. Why is your business any different? Training your team to interview, write and be interviewed in a style that gets tangible results for your company only takes a few hours a year, so what is holding you back?

As a journalist I can teach you the loves and hates of our profession, preparing you to look and sound at your best. My experience will also help avoid cliches in your writing, get your press release read and turned into the news that will get your potential clients sit up and take notice.

Interview skills are a key part of my training offering. Whether you're a journalist trying to get that killer story, or a manager trying to find that perfect team member, the skills I can teach will make a huge difference to you and your business's future.


Interview Training

Jeremy Paxman's famous interview with MP Michael Howard. While it made Paxman famous for his hard interviewing style, it is a perfect example of how not to interview.

Why Learn to Interview?

If the UK's leading journalism degree doesn't include a specific course on interviewing, why do I?

Simply put, a good interview makes the difference between a broken relationship or a world beating story. It also helps managers find the right people for the job.

After 20 years interviewing and delivering interview training for a further three, I can offer bespoke training in an overlooked aspect of your job. The skills I cover can include:


I will run through how to prepare for an interview, including how to prepare questions, research your subject and even set up security precautions for more 'interesting' interviews.


Asking the right question the right way can make the difference between a chat and an interview. I can pass on the skills you'll need to get what you want without it feeling like an interrogation.


Ask the right question and the rest is listening. I can lead you through what to listen out for that will get you the best result from your meeting.

Body Language

We can run through the methods and myths of reading body language. Learn about mirroring, non-verbal cues and why body language isn't a lie detector.

Media Training

A radio studio with microphones and headphones

Sticking doggedly to your story no longer works as an effective strategy for dealing with the media. I can deliver training that uses psychology and counter questioning techniques that keeps working with the media friendly but persuades them your story is the truth.

In addition we can work on the skills used in preparing for an interview, ranging from how to prepare for the aggresive interview through to how to anticipate the questions.

Writing Workshops

Pen and computer used in writing courses

If you write in house or are a PR agency writing content for your clients I can help you sharpen up you and your teams writing skills, develop an in-house style and help you avoid the cliches and pitfalls of content writing.

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